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McGuyver contest pictures by mklogsdon - Photobucket

Specified Items: Plastic soda bottle
Wire coat hanges
Coffee cans
Duct tape
Deodrant ball
Cotton balls
Styrofoam packing material

Free/Recycle Items: Newspaper
Plastic water bottles
Plastic coffee cans
Feathers (from duster)

Itemized Cost Items: Scrap plywood approx 4 sq ft .80
Paint 2.80
Eyes 1.00
Glue sticks .75
White glue 4.00
Paper towels .50
Burlap 1/4 yd .90
Stain .50
Yarn .10
Wire (spider legs) .25
Necklace 1.50
Staples .25
Total $14.35

The body is 2 large coffee cans duct taped together and covered with cardboard. The head is 2 large plastic coffee cans taped together, glued on the eyes and filled the space with cotton balls. The armature of the arms is wire coat hangers covered with styrofoam scrap, the duct tape. The legs are plastic water bottles taped together and the feet are cardboard and styrofoam packing. He was then paper machaed with newspaper and a final coat of paper towels. Painted and dressed he was ready to go. He is attached to a piece of scrap plywood for stability and to keep him from wandering off somewhere. The spider is a deodrant ball, hot glue and wire. The shrunken head is a paper machae covered balloon.

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very nice, great job Merlin..
y what terrormaster said ( now he's got me singing that)
your shrunken head is awesome
I like the little spidey too.
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