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Monster Mud Question

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What can you tell me about monster mud?
I read about it last night but not much info.
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joint compound and paint: directions smear on fabric like burlap
i dipthe burlap in the compound and squeez out the rest to get it in the burlap---what a mess,,,,,i used 5 gal. of joint compound to 1 gal paint and mix it all together, then did the burlap thing and put it on my frame of chicken wire, let dry and add the highlights or shadows the clear coated the hole thing with clear paint or polyuerathan to protect it (rain is not your friend)
Here is the link to one of the more popular sources of MM props and info about MM iteslf. Wear old clothes and lay down lots of plastic and get ready to git really covered in MM. :devil:
gloss paint helps to prevent cracks.
make sure you seal the crap out of it.
wear latex gloves... saves a lot of time washing up.
make sure you're chicken wire is tight and stiff (you can't push it in otherwise it will give and the MM will crack.
it can be painted after it's dryed.
all i can think of off the top of my head.
Oh so good for placing over chicken wire frames? cool...why mix with paint though?
Mixing the paint does alot - saves time, you can add more or less for effect, and dries better than putting it over the mudd itself.
oh so just for color? kk
Monster Mud

Make sure you mix the paint and joint compound really well. I got a attachment from the paint dept of Home Depot that makes my drill into a high powered cake mixer works great. You want to mix until there is no white compound left. I work with a little at a time transferring the compound and paint into another empty 5 gallon pail as I need it. Remember to use a dark shade of paint cause when dry it is alot lighter in color.
Also depending on what you plan to build, make sure you have room for storage cause full MM figures can be heavy and bulky. And just like everyone else will tell you polyurethane the hell out of it just fill the bath tub up with Polyurethane and soak that sucker..lol j/k Hope that helps Later :jol:
Yeah great help thanks!
Does black turn dark gray? And, with the polyurethane, thats the sealer to protect it from water right? So it should take 2 coats or just one?
Yes, the black will turn a shade of gray. As far as the poly goes I think that is an optional step. I have several MM props that I have had for about 6 years. They are left out the entire month of October and not suffered any il effect from rain. They do have a tendancy to soften up a little when they get really rained on good but they harden right back up the first sunny day. If you do want to poly them just use a water based poly and a garden sprayer. Makes it easy to apply and clean up and will provide a little extra protection. It is a mess to work with. I suggest getting the 5 gallon of compound and 1 gallon of paint and transferring them into a larger buket that will hold both. A pet store that sells saltwater stuff should have salt buckets with resealable lids lying around. They hold 6-7 gallons. You will need the drill attachement for sure.
Cool thanks. Yeah Ill try that and maybe see if I can find a big bucket.
If you cant find a big bucket just remove 1/4 of the compound and 1/4 of the paint and set it aside.....If you need some dirertions on a project or 2 and have a fax machine let me know and i wil send you some.
sweet k thanks4 the help peops
How long will mixture last in the bucket even though its sealed, will it separate like paint or dry up?
i still have my mix from last sept and went to check on it looks fine to me
cool thanks pyro,
now have you or anyone else tried that castin craft resin spray over MM..?
whats castin craft resin spray?
I think it is a type of like poly clear..
here the site for it

was reading up on something else and saw the spray so was just wondering how it worked or if you could use it to seal the MM.. compared to something else.
oh nice i want some!
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