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I kind of forgot to take pictures this year but I did snag a few.

Plant Building Sky Tree Window

Gollum... NOT Dobby :LOL:
Blue Flash photography Entertainment Grass Magenta

Ringwraith with the biggest shoulders ever.
Plant Sky Cloud Leaf Window

Orc War Banner & a Ringwraith Horse
Window Plant Art Water Gas

Gave HD's Goblin Thief a makeover so now he's a Moria Goblin I guess?
Sculpture Grass Plant Art Lawn ornament

Brickwork Brick Wood Barrel Musical instrument

Outerwear Plant Sky Grass Beard

Shelob & my super awesome sister-in-law
Blue Purple Window World Violet

Sky Plant Window Building Tire

Plant Blue Purple Automotive lighting Building

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Thanks y'all! This stuff has been a ton of fun to make.

Realistically I think I can add a few things next year: gonna add HallowFX's dragon projection to one of my garage doors, Saruman's Palantir and his Palantir stand, a front barrier in the form of czech hedgehogs made out of logs or fake logs, an orc prop and mount doom. Stretch goal = A Balrog sans wings.
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