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I am selling the rest of my Halloween props at a Garage Sale on Friday. October 8.

At least 50 items: tombstones, costumes, wall hangings, other props. Mostly non-animated. I live in Wheaton, Illinois.

I have a Plasma 360 ball https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000VS827...rc-20&linkId=6c677d005d50ba4790ee55f16c2f9100

I have gas masks.

I have a giant roll of mirrored Mylar (54 inches wide by at least 20 feet long) that could be cut up.

I have a cool big lantern (20+ inches tall)

This a a BIG community garage sale.

If you would like my exact address, please start a private conversation.

Happy Haunting!
Stonehenge Garage Sale

Plant Wheel Tire Road surface Asphalt

Wheel Tire Road surface Asphalt Plant

Product Poster Gas Font Book

Wood Wood stain Flooring Hardwood Rectangle

Drinkware Cup Serveware Mason jar Headgear

Wood Wood stain Rectangle Hardwood Gas
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