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motion sensor for prop activation

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i would like to use a motion sensor to activate my rising skull tombstone. Anyone have any personal experiance or any good how to's to do this ???
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I have always had a question with it comes to this.

I have seen folks mention the need for a 120V relay when using a PIR to trigger a prop (assuming it's using 120V to begin with).


Isn't the PIR attached to one or two 120V lights already? Wouldn't that imply there is a relay on the ckt bd to begin with? Why not just use the socket outputs as they are? Couldn't you just use a socket adapter to get your 120V out to a motor or power supply?

BTW - there should be a SERIOUS word of caution concerning running 120 in your haunt. The risks associated are great and, unless you're using GFCI outlets all over, the chance of shocking a patron or actor are greater.

Also to note - Grim is in England where the supplied voltages are 220V @ 50Hz so the timings and voltage solutions will be different for him.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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