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Mutant Spider

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Here is my Giant Mutant Spider. Props go out to Spider Ryder for the inspiration and basic structure.

[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhRD5fNLGmk"]YouTube- Mutant Spider[/nomedia]

Do you think I need to add more bulk to the legs?
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The legs are fine just the way they are. Real spiders tend to have delicate looking legs, so this is art imitating life:)
Oh man , I LOVE it! He's perfect! Now you gotta tell us how you made him! You said Spider Rider inspired this one? Gotta look it up now...
Looks awesome. I'd love to get a look at how you built the frame. Nice work - you've been busy.
That looks friggin' awesome Chris. I'm building a spider for Halloween as well. Where did you get the spider sound effects for the video? I've been looking all over the web for something like that. Get it? Web? Er..nevermind.
Love your spider, and the legs look fine. I'd like a how-to also.
Beautiful arachnid, dude! Love to see a how-to, and don't touch those legs!
That thing looks .... GREAT! I agree, DON'T touch those legs!
Here is a How 2.

[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_FiLM7TWSw"]YouTube- Mutant Spider How 2[/nomedia]
Now that's a spider. Very well done and I agree with everyone else, the legs look great as they are.
That is such a great prop man! And I love when people make videos to watch. Thanks for posting this, it rocks!
I agree with everyone else here, he's awesome and I wouldn't change a thing!
the only way he could be better is if he could dance the charleston LOL great job
I will totally be making one of these this year. Looks great.
That is wicked cool Chris. Now if I can only come up with a way to squeeze that into this year's concept.
Great job Chris, he looks fanatstic. And excellent spider sounds, very creepy!
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