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MY 2005 Home Haunt Video

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I am new here....
Thought I would share my 2005 Home Haunt video.
Hosted on Youtube.
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I get this message:
The video you have requested is not available.

If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process.
That is excellent!

I can't believe you're brand new to the site.
You'll fit in right away haha.
I can't wait to see more of your stuff and maybe some in-depth looks at your haunt, how-to's, props and anything else you make and video tape haha.
I have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard! There is nothing like catching people on film when you scare the pants off them. Those expressions are priceless.
On your stone facade; Is that foam? I see you have the hanging flame pots. I need to mount 2 of these on a foam facade (wood frame). How did you secure these?
I love the giant reaper.
First class and a lot of fun!:)
First class all the way! My wife really loves the air shot at the end. I'm glad you guys keep setting the bar higher and higher. It means that my work will never, EVER be done.
If the video didn't work for you please try again (That free hosting for you)
Questions about the wall may be resolved by this in-the-making video.
>>>CLICK ME<<<<
I saw that on your site...Terrific scare action! It's amazing the reaction a TCT can give!
I just checked out the stuff on your webpage too, you've got a lot of great stuff going on!
Huge fan here. Got to your site by way of the spider. Building my own, mind you.

Again, great work. Excellent.
awesome set-up but the little one were to scared!! but i sure loved it great job
Absolutely awesome. The ToTs near you certainly do get a treat with their tricks.
Thanks for the kind words.
Last year TOTs liked the Haunt so much, most of them forgot to get their candy.
This year I will only have a couple of video cameras. I hope I capture some good stuff.
Last year I ran 5 video cameras! That was a lot of editing!!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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