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This year's costume will be Governor William J. Lepetomane or simply "Gov", the boxer version (no pants). Gov. Le Petomane is one of Mel Brooks' characters on Blazing Saddles for those who don't know and want to look it up. His dim-witted yet strong political ambitions are either massaged by Hedley Lamarr own agenda or put to the wayside while messing around with his secretary. With the short time I have to plan and create it, this will be a simple costume to throw together.

It's an obscure costume but maybe it will make people think.

Parts of the costume that will differentiate it from a Bill Clinton (pants-less with boxers) costume will be:

  • GOV across the back of the coat
  • hair style
  • Vest, bow tie and shirt style
Reference pics:
GOV across the suit coat

Decent mug shot of costume.

You can kind of see the boxers here... light blue and white striped.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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