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My first try at a gate, and second at making a fence.

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It hasn't been painted yet, but it's done. I will probably paint it tomorrow, and I will get photos of the fence I made.

When I'm finished I will put some chain on it. The gate is only for display purpose in my front lawn. Tell me what you like or dislike about it. Thanks.
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Hi there Spook,

I think the uneven look is far better than building one perfectly even. I love this look more and more. In addition to the chain you're going to add, moss really finishes a fence off extremely well. Just make sure if your going to place it where people might be inclined to lean on it, that it's properly weighted and strong enough. Great job!
Thanks :D I did do it uneven on purpose, I mean, have you ever seen a haunted house with perfect fence?:p Also, about people leaning on it, I always have the display roped off, so people dont wander in.
Well, there was a big storm today, and my gate was standing great. So I thought I would take some video of the gate withstanding the wind and rain. I got out my video camera, and I was about to video tape it when, it falls down. Theres no damage, but now I know that it can withstand the wind somewhat. The gate was so sturdy, that it ripped the steaks holding it up out of the ground.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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