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So, in the town in which I live, a beauty college just went out of business. I was going through the building and the owner was selling off some of the equipment. I bought five of these hairstyling mannequin heads (I won't tell you how much I paid for them...)

I think at least one of them will become the head of a mourner statue for my cemetery this year, and I was thinking maybe I could zombify one or more of them.

I'm not sure what to do with all of them, but I'm sure it will be horrific. Any ideas?


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I've posted this before, but it works so well:
I keep an old, ratty upholstered chair right next to me on the porch...I took one of those heads and glued ping pong ball eyes right over the sockets (use hot glue) and put red nail polish around the eyes & from mouth..stuffed old pillow stuffing at neck & spray painted it red. I have an old basket that I spider webbed & put it on its side with the head in the basket (I clip a baseball hat brim light to the rim of basket to illuminate head). Before give the TOTers their candy,I point to the head & say "I'm sure you kids want candy, but first...See that girl? She didnt say "THANK YOU!"

They also look great just hanging from a tree by their hair...I use the pillow stuffing as it's free (everyone has some skeevy pillow hanging around they can chop up & harvest from) and it hides the metal ring around the neck.

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congrats on the find!

and about henry killing two of his wives....that what the official record says...their could have been so many more we don't know about... :lolkin:
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