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My latest film zombie

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Well, I got contracted to do special fx make-up again for World Domination Films. This time they were shooting a self-promo and needed persperation for the spokesmodel, and one of the females to be made into a zombie. (I revised a pirate role again.)

The pics are a little dark and blurry, due to someone else taking the pics (I forgot my camera! D'oh ), but you can still see some of the prosthetics and hairdressing on the zombie. The edges you see on her legs are from ripped stockings. The director wanted a "G" rated type zombie in case investors were watching with their family. So...I had to be careful what I added, almost no blood and not to make her look too scary, etc etc etc... Anyway, here's how the pics came out. Hope you can see everyone. :)

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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