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my new tombstone

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here one of 6 i am making
I used the foam inserts from stuff I order, figured why waste it.
I plan on securing this to a stone so hopefully it will with stand any wind.

I also used cardboard to cover the hole in the back ...

I think a red light may look good on this but i will have to experiment.
hope you like it.
Im saying it's finished because I may just leave it blank
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nice Lilly. Good marblization!
How did you get the finish? Looks great.
yes, i really like the marbled look myself
WOW that marble look id great
please check out the how to section in the Props How to
my new tombstone marbled mottled
I will answer any questions there.

ps thanks to whoever deleted my mistake post!!
That's a nice tombstone, I love the coloring!
thanks all !!
wow... that is fantastic.... is this your first attempt at marbling? if so your a natural at it... it looks great!
i think a red light will bring out the marbling more.Good job. Looks like granite
thank you again everyone!!
Dang Lilly! That looks great!!!! Very realistic.... You do such vunderful stuff! :devil:
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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