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My Pirate Pistols...

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So these are two cheap little toy pirate pistols I found at a dollar store that I thought would make a nice addition to the pirate skeleton I'm putting together for Halloween. As you can see I drew a quick sketch like usual to give me a few idea on what could be done to improve them, and as you can also tell from the sketch I SUCK at drawing, lol!

Okay so in this picture you can see that I've opened the pistols up and taken all the pieces off. What's funny is the pistols are so cheap they don't even use the flintlock style pin! You can see in this picture there is a second pin that hides behind it.

As you can see things are really coming back together now with one pistol already finished and the other already over half finished. I found some very cool upholstery tacks for under a buck!

And of course like normal I took a trip to the local bead store and found two beads I liked, though I also had to repaint those as well. You really can't see it well on these picture but I added a small loop on the bottom of the butt of the stock which I plan to attach the beads too...

So here they are the finished product! It's almost hard to believe these are the same pistols I started out with. All in all I think they turned out great!

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Very nice work!
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