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My scarecrows are up w/pic

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Gonna creep them out later on with mask, also gonna add a sound box and lights next to the witch and ghost with a remote to get that startle effect, may test that out today as well. Notice the tin-can noise clankers, sound pretty cool, Looks like my cornstalker theme is coming together now. I have out 4 now and will add 2 more later. P.S.,......found these at Big Lots and Hobby Lobby. See more pics here.http://community.webtv.net/boswell7/Bozzsnewandimproved
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I like the idea of the tin cans!
They must sound eerie in the wind! :D
Yeah they sound real cool and creepy, I have 4 S.C.'s with 4 cans a piece on them,it was pretty windy so they made some good noise today, my neighbors liked it. I also added my sound box with a remote behind the Witch and on the lampost, sounds good and should turn some heads as they unexpectly walk by.
How did you stick them in the ground? I see what I think is bamboo?
Now thats a good ? and with the severe lack of rain here I had to use a pipe and hammer and bang some holes in the ground, I could only go down about 10" , it was like concrete and it was a chore, then I had to shake the hard 10" dirt plugs out of the pipe, crazy.....learned these little tricks last year, and I'm gonna wait for some rain before I do anymore ground and pound.
Thanks got a ways to go to get back to last years look like here.http://community.webtv.net/boswell7/doc0
ohhhh, I like that a lot.

When I had to drive rebar into hard ground. I had to drive it, pull it out, pour water in the hole, drive it some more, twirl it around....and start over again. A lot of work!
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