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Hi All,

Been lurking for years - building this tunnel this year and had some questions.

I am trying some different things (will post pictures eventually) but I am hung up on the struts.

Did using PVC instead of bamboo work or was it too heavy?

I assume the pvc was at a 90 to the rings instead of making an X

If using Bamboo - what diameter?

One "x" on opposing sides of one "bay" between two rings so 4 "Xs" total?

I am using a router and router speed control for power I think
Using 4" PVC and using couplings to make a channel for my support wheels to follow instead of the ply disc (like a pair of couplings with 1.5" of pipe in between)
Platform 14' going for 12' tunnel
Going to wrap drive pipe in rubber flashing tape at contact points with rings to prevent slippage


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First -> thanks so much for the original thread; been running a variant of this for years in my home haunt. Some lessons I learned:
1. Treadmill motor works *really* well, and is fairly easy to find this time of year as people give up on their New Years resolutions & yard sale the treadmills; just be sure to save the control internals so you don't need to build a 'special' controller.
2. PVC works great here; just plan on redoing the hoops every year, depending on how they are stored (mine were hung up, got permanent egg shapes). Every 3 years or so or they may get brittle on ya, so replace them at that point either way... They are cheap, so no biggie here.
3. Fishing line matched with the support bars in between works wonders; I use metal rods (snagged from a throw-away complicated garage enclosure). Run the fishing line in cross-hatches on the outside of the supports, forming a web. I then used safety pins to pin the fabric to the line; makes tiny attachments points, but works well and is hidden because of the lighting.
4. I used LED UV strips to line the sides of my bridge; helps folks from accidently stepping off and provides even lighting throughout the tunnel. I still have 2 UV floods mounted on the support beams to hit the top ranges of the tunnel.
5. I had to adjust my handrails; turns out *everyone* who goes throw these leans to the opposite side of rotation; when they reach for the handrail, they all reach too low. So now my handrails are at different heights (about 8" apart)
6. I used friction tape with glow stripes on my exit ramps, so folks can tell there is a slope, and don't slip. (Ramps because I want them accessible to as many folks as I can)

Thanks again & hope it helps!
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