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My super-cheap gory sign (1 pic)

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Hello and welcome to a how-to for the entrance sign to our 2005 haunt, which only took a few hours to put together. For this sign you only need 3 1x4's, an old pair of pants, an old pair of shoes, some filler, paint, cardboard, and anything you want to use to decorate- (paint, foam, etc)

We began by making a three-board frame of 1x4's. One lying along the ground, another going back along the ground, and a third going straight up. In essence you have three boards leaving a central point, everything 90 degrees from each other.

We then shoved a pant leg onto the vertical board, stuffed the pants with paper, and cut out the heel on a shoe to make it fit over the main joint. A few rings of cardboard shoved into the waist of the pants provided support. We also shoved in a sign (with some wire to hold it in place), a little cotton batting, red paint.. and there it was.

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Looks great, I love your super-cheap posts!
really innovative
I like reading about your low budget posts. Keep 'em up! :D
Always great to read about ways to save some money. Keep 'em coming!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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