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My Theme for this years Haunt

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Hey! It's Me again! This year I plan on doing not much of a theme but this is the order of Appearance.
1. ScareTaker to lead them to entrance through long hallway to freak em' out a bit.

2.Spooky quiet area with surprise Zombie(s).

3.Long hallway of smoke and strobe light at end of it with a guy coming out of left side of the hallway looking a little like the tall guy from "The Strangers" with a bloody cleaver.

4.Narrow NARROW Hallway with turns and curtains and Bloody skulls hanging down!

5.Blacklight room with table and guy with a chainsaw which is me!

6.Zombie scares them out!!!!!!

It's about 2 minutes long really and its a backyard haunted house. So TELL me What you think about it! Give me your IDEAS!!!!!! RATE,COMMENT,SUBSCRIBE!!!!
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Sounds good man but geez only 2 minutes? To make it last a bit longer try maybe getting your caretaker to lead them in and tell them a short story or something because 2 minutes is good and all but why have 2 minutes when you have the potential for at least 5+!!! Great ideas though I like all of them (especially the chainsaw room :D)
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