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Hi, my name is Steve Strank, also known as Phantom. I'm located in Ogden Utah.
I used to come on the forum, but it's been years. I literally grew up working at Rocky Point, and have worked at many haunts in Utah doing set design/detailing, Security,Makeup, manager,Co-Owner.

Most of my time in the last 2 years has been doing Special Effects for independent films. I own a Special Effects Company called Phantom FX www.PhantomEffects.com we produce Strankenstein's Zombie Prom for Juvenile Diabetes every year and are always in need of sponsors/door prizes. Www.UtahZombies.com
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
Hello and welcome back!
Welcome to the forum (again), Phantom
Welcome Steve!
hedg12, I have your avatar on a shirt! Love it!
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