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New HauntForum Features
We at HauntForum are proud to announce that a whole slew of new features have been added to our online community. Here is a brief list of just a few of the highlights:

  • Inline spam management & prevention (admin function)
  • Thread tagging
  • Search cloud / tag cloud
  • Thread prefixes
  • Reciprocal friendships between users (a-la myspace)
  • Public visitor messaging on profile pages with 'conversation' feature
  • User picture galleries with user comment facility
  • User-created social groups with invite only and moderated membership options
  • Extended member profile pages
  • Customizable member profile pages with admin-controlled styling abilities
  • Inline editing of custom user profile fields
  • Lightbox viewer for attached images
  • Viewable and comparable history maintained for post edits
  • Extended re-authentication for inline moderation actions (admin function)
  • Notices system for navigation bar
  • Multiple human-verification systems including reCAPTCHA, image verification and Q/A (keeps spambots out)
  • User change history
  • Social bookmarking integration

I think you will all be pleased with these new additions, particularly the user PHOTO ALBUMS and CUSTOMIZABLE PROFILE PAGES.

Thank you to everyone for their patience during the upgrade process. As always, there were a few hicoughs along the way before I got it "just right."

The FAQ has been updated to include info on these new features. Please refer to the FAQ before fielding any questions to the Questions, Comments, and Feedback Forum. Thank you.

New Smilie Sets
We have also added three new smilie sets to the forums. The new sets are Pumpkins :)coolkin:), Skulls:)cooleton:), Devils:)coolvil:), and Aliens:)coolien:).

You can access these smilies by clicking the [More] link in the smilies box on all advanced posting pages (New Thread, Post Reply, etc.).

I hope you enjoy these new smilie sets as well as all the other new features we've recently added. :)

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If we take the pictures out of our computer will they stay on the album?

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There are so many WOOO HOOOOO!! Maybe on the next update we can find a turtle smiley :D :D
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