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New - Graveyardmadness

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Hello all,
Great postings and great material. Looking forward to sharing ideas and such.

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Hi and Welcome Madness!
Welcome to the Forum!
Hi graveyardmadness and welcome to HauntForum! This is a great place to share ideas and to learn. Enjoy!! :D :eek:
Nice to see you here. GYM...Now, go get your straight jacket on, 'cause you're in the nuthouse now!
Welcome home, take off your coat and stay awhile....
Welcome! Look forward to seeing you in Chat.
Welcome to the corner of Spook Central. :jol:
Hello and welcome!
Ahoy, Matey!
Welcome to the forum Graveyardmadness. Enjoy your stay!!!!!
THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WARM AND TERRIFYING WELCOMES. I feel so wanted. Seriously... thanks and really looking forward to sharing ideas and having some fun.

FYI - Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love everything about Halloween and go all out... and trust me when I say all out. This year we built a 36' pirate ship on my front lawn with animatronics and soon we will be added the cannons and other scares to make it a halloween to remember.

I spent the last few hours browsing the forum and I am at awe. There are some pretty interesting people here and some great prop building ideas.

With that, Happy Halloween and again, thanks for the warm and scary welcomes.

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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