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Thanks! Love my Michael Myers. I made him for about $50, and he's my favorite prop. Let's see... a mobile phone store at an office I worked at was throwing out a flexible mannequin. They gave that to me. I threw on my own black boots and my coveralls that I used when working on my cars, and bought the mask and a used real butcher's knife. The fingers on the mannequin were flexible, so I posed em, threw on some throwaway rubber gloves and painted them skin colored. The hands took me the longest with painting on fingernails, knuckle and hand creases, etc.

Anyway, because he's my favorite, he's in my spare bedroom year-round, then peers over the second floor walk for August and September, and finally he walks over to the catwalk peering through the big window above my front door with a strobe on him. 😁

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Awesome use of the window above the door!! Love it all.
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