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Hello All!

I'd like to introduce you to 2 new shows that will haunt and amuse you. They are Comedy Of Fears Halloween Haunt & Horror Entertainment Show and The Underground Haunt & Horror Music Hour.

Comedy Show will be your lighterside of Haunting. Hopefully we will make you laugh while you are in the garage building this years new crop of scares for the upcoming Haunt Season. It will have it's fair share of Celebrity Parody Comedy Interviews and there will also be featured Home Haunters, Product Reviews, Interviews and a whole lot more.

The Music Show will feature the bands who have joined forces with us to get your blood flowing and keep you steady at work with your demented creations. There will be everything from the well known Haunt Composers to New and upcoming bands. We will also play music that will simply blow your mind!

Well you can find us at our temporary site at www.myspace.com/ComedyOfFears so stop by and say hi...
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