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Hey folks,
Just joined here...I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you and making some friends, not to mention all the Halloween discussions. A little about me I'm 32, single father, that has a small yard haunt. NOthing fancy...YET. I have a Halloween website up. The url is http://www.bonemage.com Please feel free to check it out. I'll be adding more soon. Anyway thanks for letting me be here...
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Fantastic, glad you're here!
Hey Rick! Welcome to the forum!
This is the best place to waste time on the entire world wide web.

Welcome to the madness, that's a good thing...

Hi there and welcome, welcome :jol:
Welcome. Prepare to take your Halloween addiction to a whole new level.
Hello and welcome to our humble abode MarrocBoneMage!!!!!!!
welcome! Can't wait to see your progression!
Greetings Bone Mage, hope you enjoy it here, you'll be here a lifetime, lol.
Hey 'Mage.
Hope you find many ideas to use.
Welcome! I like ur weathered tombstones.
Thanks for the great welcome folks.....glad to be here...already got too many ideas from this group to try out this year...my "to do" list is ridiculously long now thanks to you...but at least I'll always have something to do...lol
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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