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As many of you know, and some of you saw (e.g., at Transworld or MHC), we've been working on a new audio player for a long time now and it's finally starting to ship! The AP-16+ was designed around requests from our customers and, so far, it has been received with a huge amount of enthusiasm.

In a nutshell it's a stereo WAV player (no MP3 delays on start or licensing issues to deal with) and it's loud: each channel has a 20W amplifier. In addition to being a player it has lots of stand-alone power, including pre- and post-play delay pots, a relay output when the file plays, and your choice of inputs (dry contact, DC voltage, PIR, or onboard button). We also added a random switch and the ability to play a background loop. When coupled with a controller you can do things like change the volume and stereo mix, as well as the playback speed which affects the pitch.

For those that pre-ordered, thank you! -- you should have product in your hands next week. Once the back orders are filled we will post his on our web site for normal orders.

And for those looking for something as simple as a 3-stage timer -- but with the "cool" factor found in EFX-TEK products, we have an answer: the EZ-3micro. Those interested can read about it here:

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