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Next Costume - Help Me Decide

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Help me out guys; I've been thinking about this and can't make up my mind! I'm very unmotivated today. So in an effort to get my back side into gear, I went into my sewing room to make some assessments.

I have one unfinished costume which I am going to plug away at and finish. It's a black, crinkled velvet gothic gown (with a gothic vest).

Once that is complete, I want to get cracking on a new project. Here is where I need your help.

I've got dozens of patterns and tons of fabric; I can't decide what to make next. So to get some motivation, let me know what you guys think I should make next:

  1. Vampiress Gown - Black with red front inset (laced up the front)
  2. Renaissance Gown #1 - sage green (damask) w/ co-ordinating hooded robe
  3. Renaissance Gown #2 - Maiden style, crushed ivory flowing fabric
  4. Various hooded Robes and Cloaks - all are lined:
    • [*]Blue shades in micro suede
      [*]Terracotta shades in micro suede
      [*]Brown/natural shades in woven linen-look
      [*]Black in micro suede or
      [*]Black in woven linen-look​
  5. Vampire Cape - black flowing polyester lined in red, with black and red flounces (I already made a lined cape, but different pattern without flounce)
  6. Victorian ball gown - in red (originally picked out to co-ordinate as prostitute w/ Jack the Ripper cloak - already made for husband)
  7. Witch dresses w/ capes - Enough black, linen-like fabric for four or five basic witch dresses and cape; sash (or rope) tie at waist.
  8. I really could care less what you make! LOL
Since I don't really have a preference, I thought it would be fun to get some inspiration/motivation here from other enthusiasts and get me into gear!
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I'm not much help I'm afraid. I like to think outside the box and it seems as if most haunters at the ball wear pirate costumes, ren or vamp. So...I guess I would do some type of ripped up zombie costume, or other unique look. Of course, the plus side of doing one of the afore mentioned costumes though is that you get to look the best out of all the other ren, vampire or pirates! LOL
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