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Next Costume - Help Me Decide

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Help me out guys; I've been thinking about this and can't make up my mind! I'm very unmotivated today. So in an effort to get my back side into gear, I went into my sewing room to make some assessments.

I have one unfinished costume which I am going to plug away at and finish. It's a black, crinkled velvet gothic gown (with a gothic vest).

Once that is complete, I want to get cracking on a new project. Here is where I need your help.

I've got dozens of patterns and tons of fabric; I can't decide what to make next. So to get some motivation, let me know what you guys think I should make next:

  1. Vampiress Gown - Black with red front inset (laced up the front)
  2. Renaissance Gown #1 - sage green (damask) w/ co-ordinating hooded robe
  3. Renaissance Gown #2 - Maiden style, crushed ivory flowing fabric
  4. Various hooded Robes and Cloaks - all are lined:
    • [*]Blue shades in micro suede
      [*]Terracotta shades in micro suede
      [*]Brown/natural shades in woven linen-look
      [*]Black in micro suede or
      [*]Black in woven linen-look​
  5. Vampire Cape - black flowing polyester lined in red, with black and red flounces (I already made a lined cape, but different pattern without flounce)
  6. Victorian ball gown - in red (originally picked out to co-ordinate as prostitute w/ Jack the Ripper cloak - already made for husband)
  7. Witch dresses w/ capes - Enough black, linen-like fabric for four or five basic witch dresses and cape; sash (or rope) tie at waist.
  8. I really could care less what you make! LOL
Since I don't really have a preference, I thought it would be fun to get some inspiration/motivation here from other enthusiasts and get me into gear!
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my vote is for the vamp gown. I want more choices before I pick one ;)
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