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OK kids...Halloween is over and I know that we are all anxious to share stories and get together. The question is, do we try to get together in November, wait until December for the party, or what? I'm pretty sure that we won't be working on anything in November, since most of us still have about 4 weeks of packing up still to do..LOL.

Let me know what you guys want to do. I know that the first two weekends are no good for us, and Thanksgiving is coming up soon. It's your call...let's see what the majority wants to do. I'll keep checking back in here to see what you decide.
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I miss you guys! <sniff!>

I vote for a November get-together! I wanna hear about your haunts and par-tays. Of course, I have no life, so any weekend in the month is good for me, but the 20th and 27th are only good for Pattie and Kenny. However, since Thanxgibbon is on a Thursday, would that really interfere with anyone's plans to come?

Of course, it might interfere with those who want to do Christmas shopping that weekend. Personally I never go near a store those days and try to use the Internet as much as possible. But I digress.

Anyway, if I had to choose a day, I'd go with the 20th, but I'm agreeable to any time.

I'm usually free on the weekends though the get filled up fast probably more so in december than november so I vote november. I'm looking forward to my first meeting with everyone and can't wait to hear about everyones halloween.
Nov. 20th or the following weekend works for us. Can't wait to hear about everyone's haunts this year.
I think we could use this time in Nov. to bring a prop that maybe didn't work in your haunt and needs attention before being packed away. I know of one person out there who needs help with a broken prop...

I'm going to bring a large pot of French Onion Soup along with homemade croutons and mozzarella cheese as my pot luck contribution for the group.
A belated Happy Halloween to all... I'd love to get together any time... I can't wait to see everyones pics & hear the stories!!! I really can't wait!!!
November, the weekend after thanksgiving is all that is available for me.
Happy belated Halloween.

My 1st yard haunt was a big success! For 3 years w only got 1 or 2 TOTs. This year 25!!
Thats over a 10x improvement. Already planning on a walkthru for next year.

here is pics
I think we could use this time in Nov. to bring a prop that maybe didn't work in your haunt and needs attention before being packed away. I know of one person out there who needs help with a broken prop...
Hmmmm...who ever could that be????? Novermber 20th sounds good to me. :) Does that mean we are going to do the Christmas exchange than????
Hi everyone! So far, Nov. 20 looks okay for me too...especially if BC is making Onion Soup!
Glad I got pulled in all my yard stuff yesterday before the rains came. Now my foyer, living room and lower den look like an episode from "Hoarders!" The worst part of Halloween is trying to put everything away again...and finding room for the new stuff that creeped into the collection...
The 20th works for us. I guess this will just be a show and tell type thing? As for the gift exchange, all I can say is..."Sharon, are you out of your fricken mind????" I have barely taken anything in much less thought about a gift to make for someone else! :googly: I vote we skip December and plan on a Christmas party in January. That way those of us who may be planning on making something will have time. Just my humble opinion though.
The 20th is no good for me I will be camping with the scouts that weekend. The last weekend is OK. But if not I will survive. My Halloween was a great success this year had some wind trouble but otherwise great. We had a blast with the new electric chair. I posted three threads in the showroom to show the new stuff this year.
Any weekend in November is good for me. I like the idea of a "prop fix" and having the party and gift exchange in January. Is the gift limit still around $25?
January sounds better to me also, get past the stressfulness that is Xmas.
BYTW the 2oth may now be open for me in November
The 20th works for me. Hopefully I'll have gas money to get there (It's really tough out there). I'm looking forward to pictures, videos, and stories of everyones halloween.

Vlad, Rich and I are hoping to do a group buy for some more LED's. I need about 75+ more fixtures for next season. We'll talk during the gathering, but perhaps you can bring your information (Colors brightness etc) so we can pick out what we want. I've found I need Brighter reds than what came in the last order (For example) and some brighter white lights for long throw lighting.
If you guys are getting more leds I need some more as well. I also agree about the red leds they were pretty weak. we will have to compare the specs on the leds to see if we can find more with higher MCD (LUMINOUS INTENSITY), The trade off is the brighter the led the more narrow the viewing angle. There is some good info about this on www.superbrightleds.com http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=%2Fled_prods.htm
I don't need more LED's because #1, I never finished the ones I have, #2, I don't know where I put the ones I did have that were half started, #3, I'm not doing a haunt next year and #4, I gave 30 LEDs to one of our fellow haunters that, if they ever replace them, will give me enough to get by.

I didn't get video of the haunt...things got WAY too hectic and busy and the video camera we borrowed came without the battery, which, of course went dead halfway through the taping. However, I'll be taking my pics over to have them developed so I can make an album to share.
There's so much I never got done or finished this year because of all the stuff going on. I may bring my light show machine that doesn't work and see if I can get it running again for Christmas. I'll bring a dish as well. I finally got 99% of my decorations back in containers and stored except for the chicken wire which I still have to bundle oh, and I still have to sort out all my pvc, tools and supplies and put them away. But the majority of the work is done...what a relief.
Since we're not doing a haunt next year, I can't work on any projects at all this year, but it will still be fun seeing everyone. And since I didn't finish one project from last year, I should work on finishing them, but since it will all be packed away by then, it's OK. I suppose I COULD sneak in a project or two but at this point, I'm not going to be in on the voting of future projects. (I'm sure I'll be really missing it within a few months though)
I hope to get out there again one day soon!
I can do the following Saturday if that works out for everyone? I am pretty free in November except for this weekend which we are celebrating my daughter's 17th birthday. Yikes!!!! So I guess it is between November 20th and November 27th??? Oh and I'm good for leds at the moment.
Actually November 27th works better for me because I will have to leave early on November 20th to attend a birthday party.
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