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NJ area make and take, round #2

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Greetings all, assuming that Trishaanne (Pattie) is still speaking to me, and willing to allow me at least in her yard, if not her house itself, we need to set the dates for the next phase of the PVC/latex project. We (Black Cat and I) are available every weekend in January except for the day of the 20th.
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Vlad, darling.....Black Cat is welcome here anytime :D . Troy, Ronda, Jay, Donna and Frank, if you're checking this, pick a date, any date. I have no life so my schedule is free. Well, except for Super Bowl Sunday but that's in February! Keep me posted.....can't wait to see you all again. OK, MOST of you again :p . Oh, and I have a wedding to go to on the 14th so I guess that day is out too LOL. Are planning on keeping this on a Sunday or are Saturdays better for you folks?
You guys set the date and time and I will adjust accordingly.
Here is a thought a few of us show up early and do a garage clean up then if it gets cold we can work inside.
I will be back at work tomorrow and I'll check my schedule then post when we can come...Saturdays work better for us but if Sunday is better for the group that's fine also.

I was lucky enough to get a talking douglas fir tree from E-bay, I already have it tore apart and ready to go into a wig head. I also was able to pick up a green strobe for cheap at Spencers so as you can see I'm already planning.
Here is a thought a few of us show up early and do a garage clean up then if it gets cold we can work inside.
That works for me!
Ya big babies.......the garage will be done before you get here and there will be a space heater in there for warmth!!!!! And you guys call yourselves haunters...hehehe :D
Well ya know alchohal thins the blood
Hey, I've been married a long time, I'm used to the cold, bring it on(heehee). As far as the garage clean up, I just counted on running Pattie's big new 8 HP snowblower through the garage until there was enough room to work. And Trish my dearest, while I'm sure you know that wearing latex in the cold can be a good thing, applying it in the cold is a no no.
As far as Saturdays or Sundays, it doesn't matter to us. The first meeting had to be that Sunday, as it was the only open day before Xmas, and I wanted my presents!
Black Cat says what about the 6th?
Works for me, although Jay or Troy may need a little more notice. I'll contact Frank again and see what he says.
Uh now the 6th is no good scheaduled a side job this afternoon and that pays for the toys besides in true contractor style this job has been put off since october.
OK, the 6th is out. How about the 13th? If everyone is ok with it, I'll make a big pot of spaghetti, meatballs and sausage, a salad and some garlic bread (or no garlic....wouldn't want to kill Vlad..hehehe, would we?) and you guys can bring your drinks. Let me know
I think the easiest way here, is to just state what dates we CAN make it, and let our lovely host decide. As I said before, and day but the 20th is good for us.
Any day but the 6th
Troy....looks like the decision is yours...LOL.
I'd love to take part. Where are you guys located in NJ?
OK, the 6th is out for Ronda & I because I have to work that weekend..The 13th would be fine......

The Witch Project is underway, I got the mask in yesterday and did a quick fit check with the dougie guts, looks like it will work very well. I plan to use a wighead and insert the dougie mouth & eyes then put the mask over that. :D

I'm having trouble finding a big Cauldron (at least 22") anybody have an idea where I can find one this time of year??
OK, I'm making an executive decision. Let's go with the 13th...let me know if a spaghetti dinner sounds OK with everyone.
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