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Now I know I have an addiction!

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Well, I have officially joined a Halloween Forum, now I know I have an addiction to this holiday! I used to just poke around in the various web sites, getting ideas, etc., now I get to actually interact with others who also love this time of year. (And I used to only start looking around as it got closer to Halloween) Now here it is only April & I have already pulled my blucky out of the closet to practice some different techniques on.
I am looking forward to getting some more great ideas & sharing some of my own for others. I don't have a website like some of the others, but hopefully that will come in time.
My hubby & I put on a Halloween party yearly now as we are the ones with the big pot for making chili over the fire and I decorate everywhere with lots of creepy things.
Looking forward to chatting with everyone! Thanks for all that you do for those like us with a love for this time of year!!!
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Welcome Lagrousome!!! I'm glad you found us.... you'll surely be addicted now.... :D now get to posting and have some fun ;)
Welcome to the forum Lagrousome! Glad you could join the rest of us Halloween addicts.
You'll find everything you need here. Not to 'fix' your addiction, I'm talking about 'feeding' your addiction.

Interact, have fun, there are a lot of talented people on here.

Welcome to the forum.
Hi and welcome to the site. We all started out slowly, glad to see you here.
I don't think they have a 12 step program yet for halloween so come on in and get your fix.

Addiction? I don't have an addiction...

WELCOME! Just join in and start posting!
It only gets worse from here! lol

Welcome aboard :)
Welcome. We're all addicted here.

BTW.....I REALLY have to read better. I read that you host the party cause you have big pot :eek: Made me wonder for a bit there if we were all invited to your party LOL. Just kidding..nice to meet you!
Rehab is for Quitters!
Here you can get your fix without any without any side effects........except that everyone that you know will think you're crazy.......but that's a good thing!!!

No quiters here just plenty of fellow addicts. FEED THE NEED and feed it often.
Welocme to the forum.
We like decorating ideas along with the prop ideas. Looking forward to seeing what you do every year. Pics, pics, pics.....
There's no 12-step program to get off of this addiction, so you better be ready to be in this for the long haul. Welcome aboard. :D
Greetings and Velcome!!!! Hope you like your new home here! There are a lot of great people here who are willing to help ya if ya need it! Just scream, someone should hear ya...... Oh, and by the way, start saving your $ for another shed, you're probably gonna need it! :D LOL
Welcome home. I'm glad you're starting now, it's getting close!!!!
YAy! You found us! Now be happy and start propping. :)
Howdy and Welcome

A word to the wise
If it cant be fixed with hot-glue or duct tape, paper-mache over it.
Great to have ya!
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