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DAZL® is now available

Our goblins have been busy brewing a tasty stew of updates:
  • New Audio Animation Wizard speeds up creation of audio-driven animations
  • New Chase Group Wizard speeds up creation of multi-channel chases
  • MQTT and Show Control Hardware configuration added to show control panel
  • Animation track input now supports signal inversion and decay-only smoothing
  • Copy/Paste/Delete of sets and scenes has been enhanced
  • Scene reset actions now execute upon scene initialization / termination
  • Automatic relaunch using administrator privileges, if required
  • Usability improvements and bug fixes aplenty
We hope your Spring has sprung. It's never too early to start planning your Halloween showcase!

DAZL Home Edition starts at a very reasonable $99.99.

While we've posted a bunch more on "that other Halloween forum", the Tech Terror subject area here has always been a nice, techy hot spot of interest. Just wanted to reach out ot people who stick to this Halloween forum. Our Windows show control software, is designed specifically for many of the projects/displays/shows that are addressed here. Head on over to our website and give it a scan. We have a couple of videos out on YouTube also.

Check us out at miserybay-software.com to discover why you should use DAZL to run your next holiday show.
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