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Off to IronStock

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Well, I'm leaving at MidNight.
I'll be arriving at the Irons at about 8 am.
Then taking a nice 1 1/2 drive to Louisville for a noon departure to Florida to catch a connecting flight to Nassau.

See you all at IronStock!!!
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Have fun Jeff. I hope to hear a report on the road or when you get back... however you can do it. :D
If i find a PC, I'll try1 :)

You all behave!!!
Wormy will be there, I think the pictures are covered lol
Wormy should have her laptop with her, maybe you can hijack it for a while... if she'll let you. :D
That's a possibility for sure!
Have a great trip, FE!
Thanks all, See Ya!
Have a great time Jeff. Take pics please. :D
See ya FE, have a good time
I might be able to help FE with the Laptop. Just got find a wireless hub. Maybe the Ramada has one. Plus he is going to love all those hearse drivers bringing him signed underwear. Gota Ya FE.. Ha ha.... Mr. Oct! I hope you didn't forget my shirt when you got on the bus for Ironstock. Cheapscate!
The Frighteners are on thier way to the deep blue sea. They pulled into my driveway with trailer in tow about 6:45 this morning, unhooked, and hit the raod again for the airport in Louisville. Not even time for a cup of coffee, but they'll be back in a week, and then the real fun begins.
whew! man this post freaked the **** out of me!, I thought I made a mistake on reservations and booked a week late.:eek: I'm OK now :D
HibLaGrande I thought the same thing when I first read this!
Maybe you guys know. Isn't Ironstock for two days. The convoy said they are leaving at 3 on sat. I thought it went all day on sat.
See ya there Frightener,
Looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short on this one. Sorry I wasn't around to wish you a Bon Voyage, Jeff, but for what it's worth, I hope you have a very good time and get back to us safely with some interesting tales to tell. :)
DT.... Yes, Ironstock is 2 full days. All day Saturday, Weasel Ball Sat nite, booths again Sunday. Friday evening is the Meet & Greet.
So how many people here that are going to Ironstock are going to bring FE some signed underwear? The people that I am going down in the caravan are bring some. I am going to bring a signed pair, but it won't be with ink. LOL.
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