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old serials

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yes iam plastered

i love to old serials
i have 2 out of 3 flash gordons,the only buck rogers,commandor cory king or the rocket men,capt american and god know how many more on tape an dvd.

are there any other serial fans out there?
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got a good place to find them other then amazon?
Count me in, I've been picking them up one by one on DVD at the dollar stores.
I have found a few there. Need to check the cheap pile at Walmart and Target also.
Forgot to ask, what titles are you looking for anyway. I love the old Sci fi stuff with the rocket shoten out sparks and swinging on a wire. Now thats FX
kryptonoff said:
i dunno what old serials are?
Frankenberries past their "sell-by" date.
what i got

flash gordon 1936 #1
flash gordon #3
captain america
phamton creeps
s.o.s. coast gaurd
undersea kingdom
commado cody king of the rocketmean
zomibes the staosphere
purple skull{not sure on that title}
buck rogers
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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