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OMG - Hurry!

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364 Days until Halloween!!!!!!!!! :googly:
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LMAO...For a second I thought something really bad went wrong with your haunt last night.

Yeah I know 364 is just so little time!!! :p
Already making plans for next year whilst cleaning the aftermath from this year.
cant we have a leapyear or something to get a few more days I'm already behind
I was making plans for next year last night.
mixman - I was doing the same thing, okay for next year..............
I'm already re-designing my haunt, so I can expand across more of the property. Someone asked me what I want for christmas, and I told them either building supplies, haunt lighting, or a gift certificate to some of the haunt catalogs.
Like I've repeated so often in other sections, I'm also already designing the mini-desktop scenes I'm gonna build. My main restrictions are that they have to be animated using only one motor or by handcrank, have hyper-detailing, and be made from "found" materials. Should be interesting.

I've also taken up the challenge of creating UV reactant latex paint. Gonna see what the optimal ratios are and whether or not it's practical.
Geez, Ms W, give us a COUPLE days to relax, will ya?:D

Today is R&R day. Props are drying in the basement, I have laundry to finish, and Spooky1 is making his birthday cake:)
Today...I hit Target, Walgreens to get some props for this years' Haunt.
Can you believe I bought 12 good sized bats for under $2.00???
75% off every Halloween item at Wal-greens!
It is time to hit the after halloween sales. But I'm resting today and will go over Monday.
Geez, Ms. Wicked. Now I feel like I'm behind already. :googly:

I did hit Spirit and Party city today and picked up a few thing.
I also think its a good idea to hit up some of the after halloween specials now! Good as possible gifts for some people I have met! :)
I need to hit the stores tonight and buy up the leftover creepy cloth for my costume next year. I already have all the regular fabric I'll need to redo it.

Yeah, next year... that's one of my favorite parts of the post-haunt night with the crew... drinking beer & shots, laughing about all the great scares of the night, and talking about plans for next year!!

Now... time to start rebuilding that RC corpse torso...
already throwin around some new room ideas...maybe a club blood vampire room since they are so popular right now or a zombie room as an opener sonce our graveyard is the first thing you see
Halloween is 364 days away and I'm behind schedule already.. crap! It sounds like I'm gonna have to hit Walgreens and Target tomorrow after work. Then it's back to HomeDepot.... again
We're already making plans for improvements to next years haunt...but I think we'll take a day or two off before we actually start working on it. I need to clean this house!!!
Geez, I haven't even started tear down yet, too lazy:googly: However, plans for next years layout were discussed and decided upon while enjoying some coctails after the tot's were all gone.
I've bought some stuff at spirit yesterday 50% off and am ready to start planning next year, but we have one more night....(Lights Out!!).

Then I've got to start looking for a new venue as this will probably play a major roll in next years theme.
Geez, Ms W, give us a COUPLE days to relax, will ya?

Today is R&R day. Props are drying in the basement, I have laundry to finish, and Spooky1 is making his birthday cake:)
Geez Roxy, no wonder your post count is so high... you make your husband make his own birthday cake? :googly::eek::D:p

Ms. W - no pressure or anything, huh?
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