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Oscillating FCG design

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im pretty proud of myself for making this design. like really really. im hoping you guys think it'll work.....

the black thing at the the bottom is a fan. cage still on. the red stuff is string attatched at the farthest point from the middle of the cage. that goes triaght up, probably through the cheesecloth of the ghost, to a pulley, down to the arms. ive looked, and my fan oscilates enough for the arms to move a foot or two. the black in the middle is pvc, then a pvc cross at the bottom. in the cross a hole is drilled and one in the peice thats there, a bolt is put through them and they become jointed. same where the other red dot along the PVC is.

well? whatcha think?
:jol: :xbones:

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Beepem said:
i just tested it and it hauled 2.5 lbs no problem. thats more than it will with the ghost im pretty sure
It looks like there is a frame surrounding the ghost that the body and the two arm pulleys are hanging from....If that's the case then you could just put counter weights on the parts of the string that go down to the oscillating fan. It's a similar idea to counter weighting a really heavy FCG, but without the extra pully. That would be the equalivent of making a lighter ghost and lessen the load on the motor
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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