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Oscillating FCG design

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im pretty proud of myself for making this design. like really really. im hoping you guys think it'll work.....

the black thing at the the bottom is a fan. cage still on. the red stuff is string attatched at the farthest point from the middle of the cage. that goes triaght up, probably through the cheesecloth of the ghost, to a pulley, down to the arms. ive looked, and my fan oscilates enough for the arms to move a foot or two. the black in the middle is pvc, then a pvc cross at the bottom. in the cross a hole is drilled and one in the peice thats there, a bolt is put through them and they become jointed. same where the other red dot along the PVC is.

well? whatcha think?
:jol: :xbones:

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Beepem, if the fan can't pull the PVC or it works, but the fan burns out after a while from the weight, try using straightened coat hangars for the arms. WAY lighter in weight. I like the way you used one fan to get all the motion.
If you go to my old site (www.idealcreation.com/dreadnight) and look at 2002, you'll find a video of my last FCG. I used three independent fans, in the same manner you are using one. One for the up/down, one for each arm. There is a Quicktime video you can watch & see how it worked. Good luck!
B, I'm going to send this in 2 or 3 posts, cause I tried twice to send it all and I got logged off!! guess it took too much time
The arms are real simple. The whole frame of my FCG is c.h. wire. Take the first straightened coat hangar and make an upside-down "T" out of it. This is the shoulders and the upright part is to fasten the head to
OK, now take a needle nosed pliers and make a loop at each shoulder. The hole inside the loop should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Now put a loop in each arm piece, but don't close up the loop yet. Thread the open loop into the closed loop at the shoulder, then go ahead and close the arm loops. The arms are now interlocked with the shoulders, with plenty of freedom for motion.
The head for my ghost is made of cheesecloth, soaked in a diluted solution of white glue. Use an appropriate sized balloon, and spread the cloth over the front half of it. You can cut holes for eyes, mouth, etc and shape the face while it is still damp. Let it dry completely, then spray or brush on RIT whitener to make it glow. Let it dry again, then peel it off of the balloon and attach it to the upright of the "T".
Yeah Beeps, the skull should be fine, although I recommend foam - again to avoid any complications from weight. By the way, one of the reasons I used multiple fans is that if you set them at different speeds (like on on HI and one on MED), the motion of the arms won't repeat. So, if one of your "customers" stands for a long time looking at it, they won't be able to spot a repeating pattern. Makes it more realistic, if you want to go with 2 fans.
Beepem, that is really close to the frame I made for my last FCG. One suggestion - for better stability, use one of the four-way "T" connectors for your base and you'll have three legs flat on the floor at the bottom, not just two.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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