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Otaku's Tombstone Entry

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Well, here it is! The height came in at 41". The cost is:

Old fence boards - free
Approx. 10' jute twine - 1.00
Four nails - .25
Lichens from hobby store - 1.00 (pro-rated)
Spanish moss - 1.00 (pro-rated)
Mache skull - 1.00
White glue - 1.00

I know the night pic is terrible - I need to get a new camera.

This pic was taken at a local cemetery. Some guy was watching me set it up. Probably was wondering who I buried.

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I tried to help you out some by correcting some gamma on your photos. :)

Hey, it inspired me to open a photobucket acct! lol

If the above images don't work:http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h231/Sickie_Ickie/okatu/otaku2.jpg
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thats cool, I like the different medium you used. Good job!
I like it. Simple and scary. The best in the world.
Nice..I like the moss, looks like it belongs in an old graveyard way down south somewhere
Thanks, everyone. Actually, the Spanish moss did come from a Civil War cemetery down in Florida. My friend Brad Green packed up a few pounds of it and sent it to me. Wonderful stuff, it gives a look of neglect to anything you use it with. To add to the creepiness, the postage for the moss shipment was $6.66!
Very nice Otaku. Simple yet effective. That picture of it in the dark is very eerie. Reminds me of the photos ive seen of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds
My son wanted me to tell you this: "Cool. It looks like it's gonna float!"

You did a Nice Job Otaku!! :)
krough said:
Very nice Otaku. Simple yet effective. That picture of it in the dark is very eerie. Reminds me of the photos ive seen of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds
I totally agree, simple but effective. nice job
Just what I think Zombie was after. Not super elaborite but something you would find in a real cemetary. Super spooky, well done. Good use of simple materials.
I've got an old, decaying fence in my back yard that has some pickets falling off of it. I think I may just break 'em off and make a few of these myself. Good job!
Great job, Otaku! I like how different it is. Something about a skull topped grave marker that gives me the creeps.
With a bunch of those things, you could make one hell of a creepy cemetery--and for really cheap, too, looking at your parts list. Gives me all kinds of terrible, terrible ideas. :devil:
That's a great marker.
Seems voodoo-ish. Very scary design.
nice job Otaku, I like the simplicity of it, makes it easy to copy from..:devil:

and too funny about your musings on the guy watching you at the cemetary..lol
I like this entry so much, that I went out and bought some hemp today. I have a section of fence that needs to come down and be replaced, so I will be breaking off some of the pickets from the old fence and tying them up with some hemp. I think I'll make a few of these to help fill out the graveyard better this year.

Thanks for the inspiration Otaku. :D
Glad you like it, Z-F! Actually, my inspiration for this came from the pics of Skull and Bone's 2004 haunt. Rob also used these markers in 2005.
I've started working on mine this morning. I'm making mine a little different than Otaku's in that instead of lopping off the pointed end of the picket, I'm sawing it into a sharper point that I will use to stake it into the ground with. I'll post some pics later on. Thanks for finally getting me off my ass and making these. This is a style of stone I've wanted to do for a while now. :)
I was thinking of making one out of foam. Uncle benny made a door out of foam and he made it look like it was wood. He sent me pictures and all how he did it. I might have to try foam instead of wood.
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