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OTC Halloween 2007 book is out

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Ok just got in my mail and the new OTC Halloween 2007 book is out. wasnt sure if i could post this info or not, but lots of goodies inside this new 2007 book.
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Good I hope i get mine soon, all I've been getting is ones for other party stuff.
What is the OTC Halloween book? Sorry, i'm still a little new!
Oriental Trading Company
toys ,novelties,candy ,party goods ,ect
some props too....
A LOT of their props seem to me waaaay over priced.
Yes they usually do, but i am still getting a good bit of stuff from them.
*runs To The Mailbox*

Aahhh I Hope Its Here!!!!!!

edit: oh, crap, its sunday.
Beepem needs a calendar!

...mine hasn't come yet either...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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