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I wasn't sure where this went, but I thought some of you may enjoy the creative spoils of Halloween down time.
Well, there's still a little element of Halloween in them...

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Blythe dolls at all, but they're a great distraction from everything, especially in the places where they take me.
That's right I still play with dolls. :D

Right now I'm in the middle of working through a trilogy-- wanna see?

"When A Stranger Calls"

When a Stranger Calls - a set on Flickr

"The Legend of Lily Mortis"

The Legend of Lilymortis - a set on Flickr
(one of the pumpkinrot zombies guest stars-- just FYI. I give credit where it's due)

So what do you guys do with your Halloween down time... if you have any?:)
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