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Painting the pvc for cemetery fence

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I have read through various techniques on fence building, but here's my question.
What type of paint do you use on the pvc? The only pvc I can come across is white, which of course won't work. I have been playing around with a scrap piece of white pvc, but nothing is sticking to it.
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I used the cheap flat black spray paint from ACE Hdwe and had no problems, just a little touch up here an there.
As for painting, I cut all the pipe (white pvc)to length. Then I lay it side by side on a flat surface. I then spray the side that is up, let it set for a bit, roll it about a third way over and spray that. Keep turning until you are back to the starting side. I found this was easier and wasted a lot less paint then spraying one pipe at a time. A brush would work just as well with this method.
I have got the white pvc at menards when it was on sale for 84 cents each. Thats 1/2 inch dia. 10ft length. Normal price is about 1.85 I think.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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