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Painting the pvc for cemetery fence

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I have read through various techniques on fence building, but here's my question.
What type of paint do you use on the pvc? The only pvc I can come across is white, which of course won't work. I have been playing around with a scrap piece of white pvc, but nothing is sticking to it.
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Fog Chiller Construction :: Krylon Fusion & Drop Cloth picture by bpesti - Photobucket spraypaint found in Wal-Mart's paint section works without primer. It can scratch off a bit but it's pretty durable and easy to apply. I also suggest wearing a Fog Chiller Construction :: Paint Respirator picture by bpesti - Photobucket this one's from Home Depot.

To patina the PVC after the black is applied you can use Delta Ceramcoat rust colored "Brown iron oxide" colored acrylic craft paint they sell at Michaels or craft stores in 2 FL OZ bottles. It can be dry brushed on with about a 1" flat paint brush. You won't be able to see it at night but during the day it's a subtle effect that can make a difference. ScareFX recommended it and I tried it out. It looks good. "Red iron oxide" is the other color I think they make.

Finials (like the pointy ones in Zombie-F's photo header on this forum) can be made from styrene (approx 5x7 sheets of white plastic they sell at hobby shops for making HO scale train buildings). You score it and break it apart. That's one way to do it.
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I'd also note that the Krylon Fusion Camo (Camouflage) Ultra Flat Black it comes in is also very dull and not shiny at all. That's usually the finish that haunters are after. Wal-Mart is the cheapest $4.23 last year incl tax. ACE Hardware was $4.80 incl tax but they don't sell the Camo finish. The hobby and craft stores like Jo-Ann were literally twice that price (and behind a locked case). However Wal-Mart is the only one I've found that sells the Camo Ultra Flat (probably because it's marketed for painting hunting equipment like the can shows however the cans are stocked in their regular house paint section). The other retailers sell Satin Black or Flat Black which has a bit of a sheen to it but would still work for a fence. I'd also note that any plastic you paint should be wiped clean with a damp cloth of any mold release or residue then a once over easy with a dry cloth. The spray paint will adhere to the plastic and PVC better.
Do you mean "ABS". My local OH home improvement stores don't sell ABS. I'd have to go to a plumbing supplier to get those. ABS has sort of plastic look to it's finish. Not as much DIY fun as painting PVC Ultra Flat Black LOL. Sidenote the Home Depot guys said they don't think people actually use PVC for plumbing (even though it's sold in the plumbing section) as much as they use it for other DIY projects. They had fun listening to what I was going to use it for last year : )
That's good. It'll be interesting to see what you find out. But I like the Krylon Fusion because it' smade for painting plastic easily: there's no sanding, no primer, it takes one coat and a touch-up missed spot coat here and there, it dries very fast and it comes in a very dull Ultra Flat Black color, it doesn't chip off unless you really bang the prop around then any paint will. It's worth the couple extra bucks. I found one can goes a long ways.
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