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Painting the pvc for cemetery fence

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I have read through various techniques on fence building, but here's my question.
What type of paint do you use on the pvc? The only pvc I can come across is white, which of course won't work. I have been playing around with a scrap piece of white pvc, but nothing is sticking to it.
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I have tried exterior spray paint, that didn't stick.
Then today I was trying (2) types
Bob Villa noted to use zinsser 123 primer ~ that doesn't stick, picks right off.
Then I tried just exterior latex black paint ~ also picked right off.
Now I do admit, I ran out to walmart and bought a can of Krylon Fusion for plastic in black ~ and so far so good. It has seemed to stick, so that may be the route I go.
Same problem here in Ohio. Very limited black pvc pipe. It even has some white lettering on it that I didn't like.
I may try the Home Depot paint before investing in the Krylon Fusion.
Johnny L....what type of paint was that? I imagine an exterior, right?
Thanks you guys (& gals)....I think I'm gonna try a test patch of a few different ways and I'll post how it goes. So far, the Krylon Fusion is holding good, but like you said, boy is that gonna be a lot of spray paint!
How is the pricing between the 2?
I think I'll go out and get a piece of that and give it a try.
I will keep you updated on the results!
I did a test sample with the grey conduit vs. the white pvc. The only paint that I can get to stick to the pvc is the Krylon Fusion....which is a bit pricey. Now the cheap $.99 interior/exterior spray from wal~mart sticks to the grey conduit really good. I think the fence will be made with the conduit!
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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