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I'll ask this here since someone's obviously encountered this...

I've seen stacks of pallets behind various stores in my town. What do they do with them? Take them back to the warehouse I've assumed but some are broken, etc. It would be an awesome source of wood for props and I've seen project suggesting their use, but I've been too embarassed to ask in the stores.

We are REAL tight for money this year. My wife was unemployed for 8 mos and we have had a fair amount of medical expenses (unemployment + my wife = breakdown) so I'm trying my best not to spend any money whatsoever if I can avoid it. Free wood is real appealing right about now.

Should I just go in and ask for the broken bits?
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Most places are happy to have you haul them off. Also check the free section of craigslist--pallets show up a lot there, along with other stuff that can be used (old furniture can be very creepy with the right lighting). We use pallets for walls, tables, random furniture, and take them apart for the wood.

Free is good!
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