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OK, so once in a while you go to a potluck party. Someone brings a dessert. Someone brings drinks. Well, For the Papier Mâché Potluck, why not try the same approach?

When: AUGUST 17 at 11 AM
Where: HeatSync Labs
140 W. Main St. Mesa, AZ
Who: All haunters who are interested!

When you RSVP, let everyone know what you can bring. Old newspapers, masking tape, glue, threadbare sheets, posterboard, cellulose insulation, cheap toilet paper, paper towels, paper towel/toilet paper cardboard rolls, flour, liquid starch, drywall joint compound, whatever you use for your paste / clay / armatures.

Don't worry, there will be supplies even if you don't know what to bring. We can play with different pastes and materials.

Got some awesome finished pieces to show off? Well, bring them! Tell everyone how you did it and let them admire your work.

We probably will NOT have time to do the whole process, as it takes time to dry even in the AZ heat. Still, there will be enough pieces in various stages of development for you to experience the whole process.

RSVP today!

"Inspirational" paper mache pics posted here are works by AZ artist Tom Deadstuff.
Tom is expected to attend the event as well.
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