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We are going to be in a few parades the next couple weeks and I'm trying to come up with a mix cd that we can play while driving in the parade.

I'm not looking for any horror movie theme songs or anything really spooky.
Just some upbeat fast pace songs... Sorta like Jock Jams.

Here's a list of some songs I already have:

Bump In The Night - Allstars
Halloween - Aqua
What's New Scooby Doo - Simple Plan
The Man With The Hex - Atomic Fireballs

And I believe that's it so far...

I was just wondering if any of you other members had some good songs that I might be able to download.

If you have any in mind please share them with me as I need this CD within a couple days!

Thank you!

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Maybe "I got a spell on you" by Bett Midler..its a little more fast paced then the orig
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