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Parallax servo controller -install?

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As you will soon see I know less than zero about installing software. My question is this; I have one servo installed in my skelly head and before I install the next I would like to check to make sure everything is ok with the
1st one. I have read the parallax servo controller manuel and it says to install the PSCI software. Is this necessary since i'm planning on using my VSA from Brookshire or is that something seperate that I also need to install?
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Yup...you don't need the parallax software!!!

If you are using the USB version you will also need to install the ftdi driver then the VSA software. Parallax has made this easy with its new usb driver installer.
But the Parallax software is useful for determining the limits for your servos. The sliders make it easy to see what to set the limits for each servo in the VSA options.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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