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We use To do a adults party every year, just a night to let the parents out to relax without having to worry about the kids getting into any drinks. We set it up as our naughty or nice party, . We picked a theme, made sure to let everyone know what it was and then still sent invites. NEVER got a rsvp back so i feel you pain. I tend to set up a "higher end" tiki style bar so 3-500 in bev-mo wasn't unheard of. Add to that the cost of food ( potluck style, but with no rsvp's you always feel like you need at least chips/dip and something else) so never knowing if anybody was going to show was nerve wracking. For this year i would go somewhat in between. Tell everyone the theme and both kids and adult costumes are requested. Might even have a bottle of wine or etc. and advertise a adult costume contest.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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