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Party Ideas

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I want to have a few friends over for halloween, so I was thinking of having a small party, but I need ideas. So fire away people.
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Hey Cat..
Well first decide if you want a theme or just a costume party in general.
Then figure out how many people will be attending.
Are you providing food and drink?
Give us an idea of what you like okay
Then we can give suggestions on
theme items/decor
webbing and spiders - hot glue shooter-rope-webbing from packages
skeletons - plastic -rubber- talking -lit up all of these can be fixed up with clothing ,staining, webs
creepy cloth- buy it or make it with sheer cutains
lighting- a lamp with a sheer over it or that tulle stuff
lanterns, candles (be careful with those)..blacklights
static or fcg - ghosts-reapers werewolves ect
check out the prop how tos or showroom for ideas
chili is also a good party food -- ground up bodies anyone?
shredded beef with taco seasoning
meatballs and gravy
chicken wings are always a fav
cowboy beans
anything you like is good ...have your guests bring a scary dish also
That sounds cool hope you take pics to show us Catbert
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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