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peppers ghost?

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i don't know much about the effect of peppers ghost but want to use a projector and a peice of glass to make a haunted textile factory i really want to make the machines come to life by putting a ghost like seamstress that runs the machines anyone have ideas to put a glass maybe in front of the machine to make a lady running it, thanks everyone
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its going to be in the corner one side
Thanks GOT its going in the back corner so its only gonna be seen from one veiw can't hire actors none of my freinds would go
that video helps alot thank you and i will see what i can do MC maybe i will just use a tv and a old window i found and set it all up but any ideas on how to set it up as to make it look like the lady is sewing
thanks everyone those are amazing ideas i am really excited about this project i am gonna build a plate that uses the machine foot pedals to turn them on when people walk bye that might distract people for the illusion too
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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