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Pest Repeller

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Has anyone ever tried to hack one of these?

Cordless Pest Repeller

Trademark Cordless Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Covers 5000 Square Feet
Kmart Item# 010V002692085000 | Model# 82-5028

This product is available through a Sears distributor. $24.99

It might have some use as a triggered audio player. Looks like a large built in speaker. I'll bet with slight modification you could wire an audio plug to have it play the audio off a cheap player whenever someone approaches. The price is about what HD charges for a light sensor.

Regardless of the hack...I could use one of these to shoo off skeeters when I'm prop building outside in the evenings. 5,000 sq ft range?....hmmm.
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Never seen one so I can't say for sure, but it's doubtful you'd have much luck trying to hack it. My best guess is that it's a high frequency oscillator driving a piezo element. Even if it does have a conventional amplifier circuit in it, the piezo wouldn't reproduce the frequencies you'd want it to.
I'm assuming its only for the insect variety. I need something to shoe off squirrels and chipmunks, they keep chewing at one of my pumpkins that are out. And before anyone suggests pepper, I coated all three with Blaire's Ultra Death Sauce but doesn't stay for long.

Mile do some nice Bat Squeals....
Good point! :D

Of course with my ears it'd have to be loud enough to break glass...
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