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Pics from 2006 MOONLiTE Haunt!

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Hey guys,
I've been following this forum since the beginning of October, and have been totally in love with Halloween for a while. I'm currently a 19 year old student working in the film industry as a Director and Cinematographer. I started up a small student production company back when I was in high school, and although we mainly work in the film and media industry, we also do a lot of charity work around the holiday seasons.

This past Halloween, I created the first ever MOONLiTE haunt with a couple friends of mine for the Variety Children's Charity and it was a great success. We started construction and building everything from scratch at the beginning of October. We had actors on the weekend before Halloween perform short skits and such in the graveyard area, and had actors pretending to be dummies who would jump out and scare onlookers. It was great fun! Next year, I plan on doing a whole walking tour of this forest next to my house and completely decorate the forest with both actors and props. Here are some pictures from this years haunt, enjoy!!!

Also, an interesting fact is that all the names on the tombstones are from characters who have died in our films.

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Thanks Sickie Ickie! I am actually in British Columbia, Canada. I actually had a lot more planned for it, but as it was our first year doing this we ran out of time! We build a lot of props and such for filmmaking, so I'm already on the drawing board for next year. I've gotten quite a bit of inspiration from these forums though!
Thanks for all the great comments guys!

AuntBite, I would love to hear some of your ideas for the haunted trail. What I plan on doing is creating a whole story throughout the haunt. I am currently brainstorming some story ideas for the haunt, but I really want to make it an interactive experience.

The fog was something that really surprised me. We had originally gotten the fog machine for a film production in the summer, but didn't end up using it because we thought it was broken. When Halloween time came, the fog machine mysteriously fixed itself, and it pumped out enough fog to cover our entire street and cultisac. It was one powerful machine man.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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